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My Story

Reiki Healing Therapies Michelle

My home, Lanzarote ​

I first came to the beautiful and unspoilt island of Lanzarote in 1994 after working around the world on some of the most luxurious cruise ships as a skincare and holistic therapist. I instantly felt drawn to the positive energy of Lanzarote and decided to settle here after only a few months of arriving on the Island .Millions of years old, many people who know this island well say that it has healing qualities, possibly due to its natural volcanic beauty, purest of light, and surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic ocean. This making it the perfect place to practice Reiki energy healing therapies from my home treatment room, close to the quiet and peaceful area of La Concha Beach.

My Journey into Healing

My journey of healing began a few years after living in Lanzarote and become a natural progression for me, into this fascinating world. With no experience of healing, clients of mine began to comment on healing experiences they were feeling throughout their holistic therapies, particularly aromatherapy facials and Indian head massage. These healing experiences varied from seeing various colours, feeling sedated, floaty, deeply relaxed and much more. It seemed that each person was receiving their own healing experience depending on what they needed at that time in their life, whether it be physical, emotional or mental as healing works on all levels of the body.

I have had a very early interest in the mystical side of life since being a small child and a fascination of the spiritual world so it felt natural to me that healing was to be on my path. After discovering my natural ability for healing, curiosity drew me into studying Reiki, where a couple of years later I became a Reiki Master Healer. Following on this path of healing and my passion for aromatherapy, I now infuse my energy healing therapies with the healing properties of essential oils. Aromatherapy harnesses the potent pure essences of essential oils which have a powerful effect on the mind, body and spirit. The combined aroma-therapeutic properties of the oils with Reiki healing work together to deliver the ultimate in relaxation which allows for true healing to take place.

The Moonspirit Collection

In addition to my holistic healing and natural beauty therapies, I have also studied product formulation and over the past 7 years I have developed my own artisan range of natural plant based skincare with the added addition of natural home fragrances. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, throughout my treatment, I found that I couldn’t tolerate synthetic smells of any type so I decided to create my own natural fragrances for my living space using pure essential oils only for their natural scent and aroma-therapeutic effects. No artificial or synthetic additives are used at all. I found these natural essential oil scents improved my feeling of well- being.

I decided to name my products Moonspirit which was derived from my nickname, Moonspook  given to me by my elder sister because of my lifelong interest in the world of spiritual matters. Reiki healing and all my holistic therapies feature these hand crafted botanical and aroma-therapeutic products which have all been cosmetically tested and legally certified. Made with effective, potent plant ingredients, the plants and flowers used in the Moonspirit Collection are a chance to not only treat the skin but to offer an aroma-therapeutic experience to restore energy balance for the mind, body and spirit. The results are radiant beauty for your skin and renewed vitality for your soul.

My passion for Healing

Healing is here for everyone, my 30 plus years of experience in holistic therapies and a down to earth nature has enabled me to make the mystical side of healing practical and real. I feel extremely fortunate that Reiki healing has crossed my path and has allowed me to be a part of its magical world. I feel greatly rewarded in helping others and being a part of their healing journey.

Michelle Cottam

Playa Honda, Arrecife, Lanzarote

+34 619 87 80 14