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Hello, my name is Michelle and I am a Reiki master healer and holistic therapist and would like thank you for taking the time to visit Reiki Healing Therapies. My aim is to offer a healing space and peaceful environment from my home treatment room, where I provide Reiki energy healing therapies so you can experience calm, and melt away built up stress and tension.

As well as offering Reiki energy healing as a stand alone treatment, I also integrate energy healing into all of my holistic therapies. The synergy of these together will promote a deep state of relaxation, expanding the benefits of alleviating stress and tension by also helping to balance your subtle energy systems. By addressing both the physical and energetic bodies, Reiki energy healing therapies offers a more holistic approach by combining the grounding elements of holistic therapies with the more ethereal realms of energy work.

I also incorporate my artisan range of natural plant based skincare and aroma- therapeutic essence oils into my Reiki healing therapies. Uniting the healing powers of aroma-therapeutic essential oils with Reiki healing therapies creates a powerful union and will enhance the healing experience.

Taking the time out to positively manage stress is key to replenishing energy levels and maintaining good health and well-being.

It is known that holistic therapies, such as Reiki Healing, Reflexology, Aroma-therapeutic Facials and Indian Head Massage can lower stress levels and Cortisol, (the stress hormone) by 30% . Prolonged chronic stress is to be considered the primary cause of ill- health and chronic diseases. These healing therapies work to reduce the bodies stress levels, bringing about a state of deep relaxation, and allowing healing to take place, which will have a positive effect on your overall health and well- being.



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Read what clients are saying...

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Pat Byrne Ireland

I first came across Michelle in 2016 and was in very bad pain after a football knee injury that I got the day before I travelled to Lanzarote. My holiday was going down the pan and the strongest of painkillers did not work. After an hours treatment of Reiki healing, I was on the road to recovery. I limped for the remainder of the day but by the next day all the pain had gone and my holiday was saved. I go 2 to 3 times a year to Lanzarote and include Michelle now as part of my holiday package as just for the well-being itself. A visit to Michelle is like going to your favourite restaurant, and having your favourite meal and wine and you don’t want it to end, I feel the same whilst having a Reiki Healing treatment with Michelle. !

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Petra Witzmann Germany

I broke my finger in May just a week before holidays in Lanzarote. It was swollen, coloured and hurt. I had been to Michelle before and knew she helped me with Reiki healing to relax from all the stress I bring with me .This time she healed my finger. In the evening I could hardly trust my eyes, the colour was almost normal, it didn’t hurt anymore and I could move it. Before it was not possible because it was so swollen. Even that was gone.! I come to Lanzarote every year and each time I have Reiki healing with Michelle. Thank you so much Michelle.

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Karen UK

I was suffering from swollen legs due to very bad water retention. Insomnia and stress and went to Michelle for Reiki healing whilst on holiday from England. During the Reiki healing, in my minds eye, I saw colours in shades of purple and also saw myself being pulled into a black tunnel, which then turned into a golden hue. I felt intense heat in my left hip which is affected by osteoarthritis and is very painful and felt a pulling sensation that travelled into my feet and back up my body which made my legs feel like puppets on a string ! The overall effect was one of having been pulled and stretched upwards so I felt taller and the stress and tension dissolved leaving me feeling calmer and lighter

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Sam Lanzarote

Sam came to me for Reiki healing because of her intermittent, but long standing stomach pain. She had also recently lost her mother. At the start of her treatment, Sam saw 2 black dots against a background of various dark colours. As I worked over the 3rd eye chakra, the colours turned to a brighter, and lighter sandy, golden colour. Within a few minutes of beginning the healing, Sam saw her mother holding her arms out to her. When the healing was finished, Sam initially felt very emotional and upset, but quickly began to feel that having seen her mother made her feel happier. Her stomach was probably where she had held the stress of her sadness, whilst she tried to put on a brave face. At the end of the Reiki healing, her stomach pain had gone. She left feeling peaceful, calm and relaxed.

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Marie Lanzarote

Marie suffered with pain in her back and joints, particularly her shoulders and knees and also with arthritis in her hands, especially the right hand. Initially at the start of the Reiki healing, Marie saw smoky blue, other shades of blue, bright yellow and purple. She very quickly felt light and relaxed and felt unaware of my presence. Marie also felt a lot of heat from my hands and was still feeling heat in her body after the healing was over. Although she was shaking a bit at the end of her treatment, her back, and knee pain had lessened considerably and her hands felt better and she could now bend her fingers. She left feeling relaxed, happy and very pleased with the results

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Mary Lanzarote

Mary suffered from back pain and sciatica. She came foe Reiki healing to try and ease the pain. Upon starting the healing, Mary started to see colours of soft pinks and greens. She also felt waves of heat running through her body, and a numbness in her hands and feet, she felt as if she couldn’t move and had a sensation of floating. After the Reiki had finished, she said she felt absolutely wonderful and extremely relaxed. Six weeks later she said she was still pain free

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Janette Lanzarote

Janette had a problem with her digestion and her skin. She was also feeling stressed. At the start of her Reiki healing, Janette immediately saw various green and yellow colours. Yellow relates to the solar plexus chakra and is associated with digestion. Green relates to the nerves. She also felt a cold tingling sensation down her arms and into her hands. She also felt a lot of heat over her heart chakra and solar plexus chakra and felt a pulling sensation in her stomach as if everything was being centred. Her arms and legs felt a bit numb and she struggled to lift them. T the end of her healing session, Janette said she felt energized yet relaxed.

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Joanne UK

Joanne has a problem with intermittent pain in her right knee and also has thyroid problems. At the beginning of the healing , she saw the colour black with white clouds. As I worked over her neck area, the background remained black, but then turned to cerise pink with blue and purple blobs, moving around like a lava lamp. Then came a burst of yellow which pushed the other colours away. Whilst my hands were over Joannes face, she then saw colours of Jade green on the black background. She also felt heat in her face and neck, but more so in her right knee. She also commented on feeing heavy and experienced visual images other than colours including people, particularly an old lady looking down at her The heat in her knee remained there for several days after and the pain disappeared

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Cathy Jones Thacker Lanzarote

Thankyou Michelle at Reiki Healing Therapies. I had the most relaxing aromatherapy facial with Reiki Healing. My skin feels incredible today. During my facial was the most incredible smells from the aromatherapy products. The Reiki healing was very relaxing and during the healing process with my eyes closed I experienced the most spectacular colours. Michelle was friendly and made sure I was comfortable and relaxed throughout my healing facial treatment. I would highly recommend both Michelle and the Reiki aromatherapy facial .Thank you for a wonderful morning

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Sinead O Donnell UK

I had a fabulous facial massage with Michelle to kick start my holiday. It was fabulous. I would recommend Michelle for a treatment whether you are a visitor or living here. I will certainly be visiting her again on my next trip. So much positive energy, Thank you.

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Annette Lanzarote

As well as enjoying a variety of Michelle s excellent holistic treatments including Reiki , aromatherapy facials and reflexology , I have also been pleased with her artisan , aromatherapy skincare products. I am particularly impressed with the Sacred Renew Moisture Cream with its Frankincense and Myrrh as it really absorbs well into my skin and the Eternal Renew Facial Oil along with Enlightened Cleansing Balm. The fact that all her products are 100% natural is a real bonus too.

Reiki Healing Therapies
Olive Lanzarote

Hi Michelle, just to say how relaxed I was today after my aromatherapy facial and Reiki Healing. My skin feels wonderful. As you know I drifted off to sleep and on a couple of occasions I felt so much heat especially in my calves and feet which is where Id had some pains. The colours I saw were so bright,especially the gold, it was amazing, I had never seen this before. Thank you again, see you soon.x

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Sally UK

For many years I had suffered from pain in my shoulders which I believe is due to having ben a ken horse rider since a child. Physiotherapy had not helped and the pain had steadily got worse, particularly in my left shoulder. As Michelle proceeded with the Reiki Treatment, yellow colours with flashes of green appeared in my eyes. It was all very relaxing and towards the end of the healing I felt as if I was floating into sleep. As I drifted off, I felt my thumb on my left hand lift up and away from the couch and I woke up, when I looked across at my hand, it had lifted up about 4 inches into the air with all my fingers suck out ! Michelle gently pressed my hand back down but it did it again of its own accord. After my Reiki healing, I could move my left arm a lot easier and the painful twinges eventually went completely

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Susan UK

After suffering a stroke which affected my face, I was on holiday in Lanzarote and decided to have a Reiki healing treatment with Michelle. My face felt tight and I couldn’t move it properly, so speaking was difficult. During the healing session I saw lots of different colours and tremendous warmth in my face. At the end of the treatment , the inside of my face felt as if it had changed, it had relaxed leaving it feeling much more normal again and able to move it as I should.

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Ruth UK

Whilst on holiday in Lanzarote I booked a Holistic Facial Massage and Reiki with Michelle. That morning I had taken some painkillers for my left knee but without effect. Throughout the healing, I could still feel the pain and I was a bit unsure whether Id be able to walk properly after the session. By the time Michelle had finished, I lifted my leg up to see if I could move it and found to my astonishment that not only could I move it but I could also walk without any pain. I will definitely be visiting Michelle when in Lanzarote again.

Reiki Healing Therapies
Edna UK

After having surgery to remove cysts from my brain, I have suffered headaches every day since. Throughout mt Reiki healing with Michelle, I felt very calm and peaceful and saw colours of yellow and blues. I remained headache free for the rest of my holiday and was advised by Michelle to continue having Reiki Healing at home

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Jackie Lanzarote

I had suffered with a lot of pain in my legs due to phlebitis which kept me awake every night and was only eased by strong painkillers. Hot sweats also troubled me. During my Reiki Healing with Michelle I saw visions of green and purples and felt heat travelling throughout my body especially my right leg which was the most painful. During the healing session I felt as if I had been sedated and I was unable to move. The next morning I had to call Michelle to tell her that when I got home after my treatment, I slept all night without any pain. I have remained pain free ever since and have since taken up Zumba classes !

Reiki Healing Therapies
Christine Lanzarote

I went to Michelle for Reiki healing because I was suffering with blocked sinuses and also sore ribs due to a recent accident . I was feeling generally depressed within myself. Not long after Michelle began the healing I could feel my sinuses beginning to clear and then I fell asleep or as if Id been sedated. When I woke up, the pain in my ribs had eased considerably and I felt much more positive and happier. I called Michelle that evening to tell her my sinuses were still clear and I felt much better.

Reiki Healing Therapies
Joan Lanzarote

When I came to Michelle for Reiki Healing I was feeling very low and emotional and awas suffering from back pain due to the work that I do. Throughout the session I saw colours of pale blue and greens came into view. I also felt heat run down my bak and around my chest being particularly intense around the bottom of my back where I had the most pain. I couldnt move and felt sedated. At the end of the session I felt calm but also full of energy. The pain in my back had gone and I could stand up straight for the first time in a long while.

Reiki Healing Therapies
Shashi Solluna

Michelle is absolutely fantastic. Her aromatherapy facial treatment including microdermabrasion is not only the most relaxing session ever but I noticed a noticeable reduction in a sun spot on my cheek after just one session. Michelles hand crafted products are really the greatest skin products I have ever found, all made with aromatherapy oils and as many natural ingredients as possible. They small great and really work.I would consider flying to Lanzarote simply to receive more treatments from her.

Reiki Healing Therapies
Zanna Owner of Villa Amatista Retreat Centre. Lanzarote

To be honest I was only expecting a deeply clean face from my facial with Michelle but it was so deeply relaxing, I went deeply to sleep as well. Beautiful Michelle, thank you, and for your gorgeous hand crafted aromatherapy products I bought home with me, so natural and effective, made with love. They made me treat my face more lovingly myself. My Skin is loving your products and in really enjoyed your hands.

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